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Security information about Intel® Management Engine (ME) firmware

Release Date: November 21, 2017 

Intel published security information of cumulative vulnerabilities of Intel® ME Firmware.

Regarding details, please refer below Intel site.

 Intel site : Public External Intel Security Advisory INTEL-SA-00086 

Countermeasure module will be released on this page.

Target model and release schedule of Countermeasure module are as follows.

Note : Please be advised that the information will be changed or added without notice.

Target model and Countermeasure module

Please confirm the target model, and confirm the release schedule of countermeasure module.

Target model Model Number Targeted release date
CF-33 (mk1) CF-33[A/B/C/L/M/N]****** the end of January 2018
CF-54 (mk3) CF-54[G/H/J]******
CF-SZ6 (mk2) CF-SZ6R*****
CF-XZ6 (mk1) CF-XZ6R*****
CF-20 (mk1) CF-20[A/B/C/D]****** currently confirming
CF-33 (mk1) CF-33[D/E/P/Q]******
CF-54 (mk2) CF-54[D/E/F]******
CF-D1 (mk3) CF-D1[N/Q]******
FZ-G1 (mk4) FZ-G1[P/Q/R]******
FZ-M1 (mk2) FZ-M1F******, FZ-M1ECF***R
FZ-Q2 (mk1) FZ-Q2[F/G]******

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