FOTA (Firmware Over-The-Air) Information

Server Status Information

Following is the current status of FOTA server.

Status: Running
Notice Information (Nov 10, 2020)

For FZ-A3 only, there is the issue that the software update via FOTA server sometimes will be failed.
If the software update via FOTA server is failed you will download FZ-A3 System software at "2.System Software Update" site and update it.
This software update issue is resolved from build number(16-01-100-103) firmware.

Notes for FOTA Distribution
  • For too much download time or connection fail, please retry later.
  • The FOTA service using the TLS1.1 protocol terminated due to the security policy change in FOTA server.
    As a result, it was no longer available to update the system software using FOTA for the following models.

    [Applicable models]

    • JT-B1 series
    • FZ-A1 series
    • FZ-B2B series
    • FZ-X1A series

    Service end date: March 31, 2021

Impact of the termination of FOTA Distribution

Some message may be displayed after FOTA service termination.
See "this page" for more detail and setting to avoid the message.