License Agreement for Update Service

[Service Introduction]

We provide customers with software*1 updating service ("this service") to keep the function and performance of TOUGHBOOK ("tablet") up to date after purchase. Without visiting a customer service center, you can take advantage of updating software conveniently to check for any required updates and replace old-version software with the new one by downloading the latest software wirelessly*2 if necessary.

  • *1 This service only applies to the software provided by Panasonic.
  • *2 The communication fee is charged in the case of measured rate plan.

This service is managed by Panasonic Connect Co., Ltd. and its affiliates, hereafter collectively referred to as "we" or "Panasonic". Please read and understand the following terms of use before using this service. The use of this service shows that you agree and accept the terms of use.

1. Disclaimer

Panasonic is not liable for any loss or damage of data with user-installed software from use of this service. Nor are we liable for any tablet malfunction or damage due to user error. For details, see "Precautions" below. No guarantee is made that this service will be suitable for specific purposes, and we are not liable in any way for indirect, incidental, or consequential loss or lost profit to you or third parties arising from or related to use of this service.

Panasonic reserves the right to change or discontinue this service, terms of use, and other matters without prior notice. Check the latest terms of use before using this service. Similarly, we reserve the right to interrupt or discontinue this service without prior notice.

2. Prohibited Actions

The following actions are prohibited when using this service. If you violate the terms of use by taking the following actions, Panasonic may interrupt or discontinue this service or terminate the agreement without prior notice, and seek compensation.

  • Action that disadvantages Panasonic or third parties, or that causes or poses a risk of loss
  • Action that infringes on or may infringe on intellectual property rights (such as copyrights or trademark rights) of Panasonic or third parties
  • Action that undermines or may undermine the credibility or dignity of Panasonic, such as action offensive to public order and morals
  • Action that is illegal or linked to criminal acts, or which poses a risk of same
  • Action that violates or may violate laws, regulations, or ordinances
  • Other action that we have deemed inappropriate and have requested you to cease
3. Privacy Policy

As this service is used, information identifying your tablet (such as model or serial numbers) is sent to our software update servers. We use this information only to provide service or support, and not for other purposes.

4. Limitation on Liability

Regarding liability borne by Panasonic in providing this service, and in the context of this license agreement, in the event of willful or gross negligence on our part in providing this service, regardless of the reason, users will be compensated only for an amount equivalent to the value of this service.

5. Precautions

Although user data such as photos, email messages, and downloaded files remain on the tablet during software updates, in some cases it may not be possible to safeguard this data, depending on the condition of the tablet. We therefore recommend backing up important data. However, please understand that some data (e.g., downloaded files) cannot be backed up.

Never turn off your tablet, reset it, or perform similar operations while a download is in progress, or during updates.

If the tablet’s firmware is already up to date, no update is necessary.
Note that software updating may take some time, as data is being downloaded and uploaded.

Thank you for understanding that you cannot specify the timing of file distribution to your tablet, or the period for which updates will be valid.

The update service is not available under the following conditions.

  • When tablets are not on, or when they are in sleep mode
  • When tablets are not connected to a network
  • When tablets are in international roaming mode
  • When tablets are in airplane mode
  • When tethering mode is enabled
  • When the correct date and time is not set
  • When the remaining battery level is less than 50%
  • When the server polling of the update application is set to disable
6. Intellectual Property Rights

Data provided to you for this service is licensed to you under the same conditions as in the license agreement of the software for which the data is used. Unless otherwise indicated, use of this service does not constitute licensing or transfer of any intellectual property rights from Panasonic to you.

7. Governing Law and Court of Jurisdiction

Japanese law forms the basis for use of this service and interpretation and application of this license agreement. In the case of any disputes over this service, the Osaka District Court will serve as the competent court of first instance.

8. Service Inquiries

For any inquiries regarding this service, please contact the Panasonic customer service center.
We recommend checking the FAQ before contacting us.