Recovery Image Download Service
(The target models are Windows 11 Pro [Preinstalled Model] / Windows 10 Pro [Downgrade Model])

Release Date: Oct 03, 2023
Updated: Feb 29, 2024


This page shows Panasonic support information for "Windows 11 Pro" preinstalled model / "Windows 10 Pro" downgrade model, for creating the recovery disc (Windows installation disc), and then installing Windows on TOUGHBOOK series or erasing data on SSD.

*As for detailed, we will update the Support Web page sequentially.
*Please note that contents are subject to change without notice.

Windows OS Version change announcement

Windows OS version of the recovery disc created with the download service is changed continuously to the latest version. (Excluding some models)

Windows 11 : Changed from "22H2" to "22H2 ( May 2023 update )" from Early September, 2023.
Windows 10 : Changed from "November 2021 Update" to "2022 Update" from Early February, 2023.


Unused DVD-R DL (dual layer) or USB memory
* Please make sure that all data will be erased.
DVD-R (single layer) / +R (single layer / dual layer) / Blu-ray aren't supported.
Estimated number or capacity of the disc is as follows.

Disc type Localized model     MUI model    
DVD-R DL (dual layer) Up to 2 discs Up to 3 discs
USB Memory * 16GB or more is recommended 32GB or more is recommended

<When using DVD on the model without onboard Optical drive>
Commercially available optical drive

Computer (for creating the recovery disc)
Free space : 20GB (used for downloading the recovery data, and then the recovery data is erased after creating the recovery disc)
OS : Windows 11, Windows 10

Internet connection
The downloading procedure may take time depending on the network environment.
So we strongly recommend that you use a flat-rate broadband-line and you perform when you have enough time.
Note that data transfer rates may apply and associated charges are the customer’s responsibility.

"Recovery Disc Creation Utility (Recovery Image Downloading Edition)" and the instruction manual Please download from this page.
For the rest of the procedures (downloading the recovery data, creating the recovery disc, recovering Windows, and erasing data on SSD), please refer to the instruction manual.

You can also abort and restart downloading the recovery data or creating the recovery disc.


Please download the following instruction manual (PDF file) and "Recovery Disc Creation Utility (Recovery Image Downloading Edition)" program, and follow the instruction manual.

File name Download size
Last update
Instruction Manual for Recovery Image Download Service
(2,191,797 bytes)
Dec 05, 2023
Recovery Disc Creation Utility (Recovery Image Downloading Edition)
(4,864,720 bytes)
Oct 03, 2023

Product List

The target models are listed below.

Windows 11 recovery image (for "Windows 11 Pro" preinstalled model / "Windows 10 Pro" downgrade model)

Series name Detailed model numbers OS Version/Note
CF-33[G/J/K/R/S/X/1/2/3] (mk2) CF-33[G/J/K/R/S/X/1/2/3]****M*
22H2 ( May 2023 update )
CF-33[T/U/4/5/6/7] (mk3) CF-33[T/U/4/5/6/7]***[A/B/K/M]*
CF-FV3[Y/Z] (mk1) CF-FV3[Y/Z]***[B/M]*
CF-SR4R (mk1) CF-SR4R***B*
CF-SV1R (mk2 Asia model) CF-SV1RD**[A/K]*
FZ-40[A/B/C/D] (mk1) FZ-40[A/B/C/D]****[A/B/K]*
FZ-55[A/B/C] (mk1) FZ-55[A/B/C]****[A/B]*
FZ-55[D/E/F] (mk2) FZ-55[D/E/F]****[A/B/K]*
FZ-55[G/J] (mk3) FZ-55[G/J]******
FZ-G2[A/B/C/D] (mk1) FZ-G2[A/B/C/D]****[A/B/K]*
FZ-G2[E/G/K/M] (mk2) FZ-G2[E/G/K/M]****[A/B/K]*
CF-LV8S (mk1) CF-LV8S***[B/M]* 22H2

Windows 10 recovery image (for "Windows 10 Pro" downgrade model)

Series name Detailed model numbers OS Version/Note
CF-33[G/J/K/R/S/X/1/2/3] (mk2) CF-33[G/J/K/R/S/X/1/2/3]****[K/M]* 2022 Update
CF-33[T/U/4/5/6/7] (mk3) CF-33[T/U/4/5/6/7]****[K/M]*
CF-FV3[Y/Z] (mk1) CF-FV3[Y/Z]***M*
CF-LV8S (mk1) CF-LV8S***M*
CF-SV1R (mk2 Asia model) CF-SV1RD**[K/M]*
FZ-40[A/B/C/D] (mk1) FZ-40[A/B/C/D]****[K/M]*
FZ-55[A/B/C] (mk1) FZ-55[A/B/C]****[K/M]*
FZ-55[D/E/F] (mk2) FZ-55[D/E/F]****[K/M]*
FZ-G2[A/B/C/D] (mk1) FZ-G2[A/B/C/D]****[K/M]*
FZ-G2[E/G/K/M] (mk2) FZ-G2[E/G/K/M]****K*