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Windows Vista Upgrade Information

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Revised on October 15‚ 2009 
Please make note of the following when reading the Windows® Vista support evaluation information.
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Windows Vista SP1 Update Support Information
  • Windows® Vista SP1 Update Support Information (March 24‚ 2008) 

  • Evaluated models
    Windows® Vista preinstalled models and Vista Capable PC models
  • Support Information
    Following issues are reported. Please do not update to SP1 until the update modules are uploaded to Panasonic Support WEB site.
Internal SD slot cannot recognize SDHC card.OS Hotfix will be uploaded to ITPD Support WEB on the first half of April. 
 CF-52mk1Error occurs when connecting through Intel GLAN. New driver for SP1 will be uploaded on ITPD support WEB on the first half of April. 
(with Super multi drive)
Once setting write-protect of DVDRAM using Wptool, cannot write to it after reset the write protect option.We are now investigating (as the problem of OS) 
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1. Firat
  • This page is about evaluating the operation of your current PC, which you plan to upgrade to Windows® Vista.
    This information does not guarantee the operation of Windows Vista on Panasonic brand computers.
    Also, it is not intended as user support for operating system compatibility.
    In some cases, you should not upgrade to Windows Vista. Read all the documentation before you start upgrading your OS.
    Upon understand the above, please proceed to read the Windows Vista support evaluation information, below.
  • This information is not intended to recommend or guarantee the upgrade to Windows® Vista.
    When making your decision whether or not to upgrade to Windows® Vista we ask that you acquire a knowledge of your PC operation environement and collect sufficient information regarding the topic and have given it considerable thought.
  • Please see the Microsoft website regarding new features in Windows® Vista and the operating environment.
  • We will not be liable for damage to the operating environment of customer equipment or loss of data due to the installation of Windows Vista. Please be sure to backup any important data beforehand.
  • When upgrading, we assume that your computer retains the same default settings as when it was shipped from our factory. We have not verified the viability of any combinations of off-the-shelf software and perpheral devices.
  • Please contact the individual developers regarding any questions you have about compatibility with Windows® Vista of peripherals and application software you have purchased.
  • Please understand that this information will only be provided on our website.
  • Upon verifying that you have provided means (recovery DVD-ROM and other backup media) to do a re-install if necessary for each computer, please proceed with the upgrade.
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2. Prerequisite condition"
  • In consideration of the recommended hardware environment for Windows® Vista operation, we have selected target models for support evaluation based on the conditions below.
CPUMinimum 800 MHz 32-bit compatible processor 
System memorySystem memory should be expandable to 1 GB or more.
HDD capacity20 GB or higher (at least 10 to 15 GB available space)
GraphicsCapable of displaying size of 800 x 600 or more
OtherAbility to boot from CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (External drive can be used.)
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3. Evaluation condition
  • In consideration of the recommended hardware environment for Windows® Vista operation, we have selected target models for support evaluation based on the conditions below.
Memory configurationEvaluation after expanding computers with 512 MB system memory to 1 GB or higher and ones with 256 MB system memory to 768 MB. 
Vista classOverseas model = Evaluated with Ultimate English version RTM.
Japanese model = Evaluated with Ultimate Japanese version RTM.
Installation methodEvaluated by inserting Vista DVD into drive and upgrading from the Windows® XP pre-installed state. For models with XPSP1a pre-installed, we launch Vista setup after first installing XPSP2.
4. Target model
  • For the following models, we will be successively offering compatible software on the support website after Windows® Vista has been released.
 ModelScheduleBIOS Update 
CF-Y5 Seriesclick here CF-Y5L(mk2) Yes 
CF-W5 Seriesclick here CF-W5L(mk2) Yes
CF-T5 Seriesclick here CF-T5L(mk2) Yes
CF-Y4 Seriesclick here CF-Y4H(mk2)  No
CF-W4 Seriesclick here CF-W4G(mk1)  
click here CF-W4H(mk2)  
CF-T4 Seriesclick here CF-T4G(mk1)  
click here CF-T4H(mk2)  
CF-74 Seriesclick here CF-74[C/D](mk1)
click here CF-74[E/F](mk2)
CF-73 Seriesclick here CF-73[S/T/U](mk4)
click here CF-73[X/Y](mk5)
CF-51 Seriesclick here CF-51xxxx[A/Q/H]xx(mk1)  
click here CF-51xxxx[B/R/J]xx(mk1LL)  
click here CF-51xxxx[C/K]xx(mk2)
click here CF-51xxxx[D/L]xx(mk2LL)
click here CF-51xxxx[E/M]xx(mk3)
click here CF-51xxxx[F/N]xx(mk3LL)
CF-30 Seriesclick here CF-30[C/D](mk1) Yes
CF-29 Seriesclick here CF-29[L/M](mk4)  
click here CF-29[N/P](mk5)  
CF-19 Seriesclick here CF-19[C/D/E](mk1)  Yes
CF-18 Seriesclick here CF-18[J/K/L](mk4) 
click here CF-18[N/P](mk5) 
  • For older models released before the target models above, we will only print the upgrade restrictions.
 Older model   
CF-Y2 Series CF-Y2D(mk2)
CF-W2 Series CF-W2A(mk1)
CF-T2 Series CF-T2A(mk1)
CF-R3 Series CF-R3E(mk2) - Chinese only --- 
CF-29 Series CF-29[C/D](mk1)
CF-18 Series CF-18B(mk1)
  • For older models, does not work by hardware restrictions.
CF-R1 Series, CF-T1 Series, CF-M34 Series, CF-72 Series, CF-48 Series, CF-37 Series,
  • For older models, not offering information.
CF-R1 Series, CF-T1 Series, CF-M34 Series, CF-72 Series, CF-48 Series, CF-37 Series,

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