Windows® 7 Upgrade Evaluation Information (For CF-52E/F/G/H/J, CF-74J/K Series)

 Updated on April 09‚ 2010 

5. Evaluation Information

Applications available on the maker's homepage

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Adobe Reader
You can use the Adobe Reader which was installed as it is. However, the official Windows 7 supported Adobe Reader is the version 9 or later. Please install the latest version which will be available soon on the following website.
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Important Information

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Caution about the letter using for Windows user name.
When using user name included "@" mark before or after the name such as "@username"or "username@"before upgrading to Windows 7, you may not be able to log on using the name after upgrading to Windows 7.
If using "@" mark between the name such as "user@name", there is no problem to log on after the upgrade.
If you happened to use "@" mark before or after the name, create a new user account without "@" mark as administrator. If you fail to do so, you won't be able to log on to the user after upgrade.
However, if you just change the existing user account to different user name, it won't work to fix the problem. If you happened to upgrade to Windows 7 without creating a new user, start up in Safe Mode and create a new user account without "@" mark as administrator from Computer Management.
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Before installing to Windows 7
Windows 7 may not be upgraded right after the first setup of Windows Vista or when the system has never been reboot after new driver is installed.When upgrading to Windows 7, reboot the system once and proceed the upgrade. 
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About Screen Saver
When setting a screen saver as [3D Text] or [Blank] and mark a check box of "On resume, display logon screen.", PC may not go into sleep or hibernation properly while screen saver is running.
(This issue is known as Windows 7 problem.) PC will not resume once this issue occurs even operating a power switch or any keys. In this case, keep pressing or sliding a power switch for more than 4 seconds to turn off the PC forcefully. This may delete the data which is not saved.
When setting the screen saver, follow the steps below to select the Windows standard screen saver.
However, please do not select [3D Text] or [Blank].

Right click on the open desktop and click [Personalize].
Click [Screen Saver].
Select any screen savers except [3D Text] or [Blank] from pull down box under [Screen saver] and click [OK].
For more details, please visit Microsoft support page below.
CF-52/74 Series(2)
About DVDForm WPTool
DVDForm WPTool can not be used on Windows 7.Please run those programs in Windows Vista compatibility mode. 
All models(3)
About Display
When changing the [Orientation] from [landscape] to others on [Adjust screen resolution] in Control Panel, cursor will not follow the touchpad operation.Please don't change [Orientation] except [landscape]. When you make a change, please use an external mouse to operate. 
CF-52/74 Series(4)
About Synaptics Mouse Driver
When disabling Synaptics Applet via MSCONFIG, mouse is not working even after enabling it.When mouse is not working after enabling the Synaptics Applet, please re-install the Synaptics mouse driver. 
CF-52/74 Series(5)
About Optical Disc Drive's Power
When clicking "Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media" on task tray, "Eject ATA Channel 0" and "Eject ATA Channel 1"are displayed. Please do not select any of them.  
All models(6)
About Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker
Windows Mail, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker will not be installed.Please download and install Windows Live from the website below.
All models(7)
About PC Information Viewer
OS version will be indicated as Windows Vista on PC Information Viewer.It will be a limitations of PC Information Viewer. 
For CF-52 with Wireless WAN(8)
About Wireless WAN driver (Gobi 1000)
We have confirmed behavior on Windows 7 with Vista driver, and we haven't found any problems.  
For CF-74 with Wireless WAN(9)
About Wireless WAN driver
We have no information now.
(To be updated.)
CF-52/74 Series(10)
About B's Recorder Gold and B's Clip
B's Recorder and B's clip are not supported for Windows 7. 

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