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CPU Vulnerability Information (INTEL-SA-00270)

Release Date: Nov 19, 2019 

Intel published the Vulnerability Information in CPU as Intel-SA-00270.

We will show the information below.

Please be updated that the information will be changed or added without notice.

■ Vulnerability summary

Details are explained in Intel site below.

 2019.2 IPU - TSX Asynchronous Abort Advisory (INTEL-SA-00270) 

■ Content of countermeasure

Currently confirming affected models.

In light of new developments from Intel, Panasonic actively working with Intel to update the new schedule, please check back regularly for updated release dates.

We plan to release new module for the following models.

Target model OS Countermeasure module
CF-LV8R (mk1) Windows 10

To Be Announced

CF-SV8R Asia-model (mk2) Windows 10

To Be Announced

FZ-55[A/B/C] (mk1) Windows 10

To Be Announced

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