Vulnerability Information (INTEL-SA-00295)

Release Date: Jul 16, 2020
Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Intel published the Vulnerability Information in CSME/TXE as INTEL-SA-00295.
We will show the information below.
Please be advised that the information will be changed or added without notice.

Vulnerability summary

Content of countermeasure

Currently confirming affected models.

In light of new developments from Intel, Panasonic actively working with Intel to update the new schedule, please check back regularly for updated release dates.

We plan to release new module for the following models.

Target model Detailed model numbers Countermeasure module
CF-LV8 CF-LV8R***** (mk1)
Released on Nov 25, 2020
CF-SV8 CF-SV8R***** (mk2 Asia-model)
Released on Nov 25, 2020
FZ-55 FZ-55[A/B/C]****** (mk1)
Released on Nov 25, 2020
CF-20 CF-20[A/B/C/D]****** (mk1)
Released on Feb 09, 2021
CF-20[E/F/G/H]****** (mk2)
CF-31 CF-31[6/7/8/9]****** (mk6)
CF-33 CF-33[A/B/C/L/M/N/V/W]****** (mk1)
CF-33[D/E/P/Q]****** (mk1)
CF-54 CF-54[D/E/F]****** (mk2)
CF-54[G/H/J]****** (mk3)
CF-D1 CF-D1[N/Q]****** (mk3)
CF-LX6T***** (mk3)
CF-SZ6 CF-SZ6R***** (mk2 Asia-model)
CF-XZ6 CF-XZ6R***** (mk1)
FZ-G1 FZ-G1[P/Q/R]****** (mk4)
FZ-G1[U/V/W]****** (mk5)
FZ-M1 FZ-M1F****** (mk2)
FZ-M1ECF***R (mk2)
FZ-M1J****** (mk3)
FZ-Q2 FZ-Q2[F/G]1***** (mk1)
FZ-Q2[F/G]5***** (mk1)
FZ-Q2[F/G]6***** (mk1)
FZ-Q2[F/G]7***** (mk1)

* If there is any error while updating this patch, please contact your regional field support engineer for further assistance.