About change of standard installed application software
accompanying transition to Windows 11 Version 22H2

Release Date: Sep 6, 2022
Updated: Jan 24, 2023

On this page, we will inform you about the information of the standard installed application software that will be changed or deleted in "Version 22H2" along with the version change of the preinstall OS from "Version 21H2" to "Version 22H2".

Please be advised that the information will be changed or added without notice.

In this page, "Windows 11 Version 22H2" is written as "Version 22H2", and "Windows 11 Version 21H2" as "Version 21H2".


Information about the application software to be changed as the preinstalled OS version switches to "Version 22H2" is posted on this page.


Please confirm that your Panasonic computer is the product of this service.
Depending on the model, the version of the Desktop App version application software may be different.
For the target model, please confirm "Applicable models" below.
Applicable models

About commercially available application software and peripheral equipment.
We do not check the operation with commercially available application software and peripheral equipment.

Applicable models

The applicable models are as follows.
"Windows 11 Version 22H2" preinstall models are included in the list below.

Series name Detailed model numbers
CF-33 (mk2) CF-33[G/J/K/R/S/X/1/2/3]******
CF-SV1 (mk2) CF-SV1******
FZ-40 (mk1) FZ-40[A/B/C/D]******
FZ-55 (mk1) FZ-55[A/B/C]******
FZ-55 (mk2) FZ-55[D/E/F]******
FZ-G2 (mk1) FZ-G2[A/B/C/D]******

- e.g. Please read "FZ-40[A/B/C/D]" as the "FZ-40A, FZ-40B, FZ-40C, FZ-40D series".

About application software to be modified in "Windows 11 Version 22H2"

Application software to be modified by "Windows 11 Version 22H2"
Some application software provided in "Windows 11 Version 21H2" preinstall is modified in "Windows 11 Version 22H2" preinstall.

Software name Target model Remarks
Panasonic PC Settings Utility CF-SV1
Battery information is updated when a battery is connected or disconnected.
User Interface of "Programmable Buttons/Keys" is improved.
Stability of "Programmable Buttons/Keys" is improved.
CF-SV1 Stability of touchpad is improved.
System Interface Manager FZ-40[A/B/C/D] Notification is added to "Touchscreen On/Off" with Programmable Buttons/Keys.
CF-33[G/J/K/R/S/X/1/2/3] Fixed a bug that "Touchscreen Mode" may not be displayed correctly in "Panasonic PC Setting Utility".
Panasonic PC Backlit Keyboard Settings Utility


User Interface is improved.
Panasonic PC Day Night Mode Utility


Default settings of Night Mode are changed.

About application software to be deleted by "Windows 11 Version 22H2".

About application software to be deleted by "Windows 11 Version 22H2".
No Application software will be deleted in "Windows 11 Version 22H2" preinstall.